Privacy Policy

As an esteemed site and app user, it is important to know about the data we collect, and how we use and share it. We place a strong emphasis on maintain your privacy and hence make it point to let you know about what information we collect from site/ app users. We will also share how we use or share the information and how you can choose to control what information you share and how it is used.

We collect data in the form of user sign up information (name, email address, telephone number). We may also keep records of the product/services opted for, from our site/app. This will help us tailor our product lineup better and serve users with a better user experience. It may also contain information about IP address, browser, cookies, and device information.

We use the information collected to generate better quality and highly relevant content for your specific target group. This way you see only those content that matter to your profile and hence let you extract maximum efficiency from your time on the site/app. With this you also can avail of special offers or ads that may be relevant to you.

It is strongly recommended to go through the policy and understand the terms laid out in the policy. The continued use of services, site, or app will mean an automatic approval of all terms in the policy.